Rules 2019

1) All teams to pay a league subscription of £15 payable during the season.

2) All teams to have a minimum of six players. If a team turns up with only five players they may play five single matches only and the opposing team with six players decides which of their players will not play, the draw then continues as usual. The three doubles matches may continue as normal with the exception that the third match will be two players from one team against just one from the other, playing six darts against three.

3) Teams are to register all players with the league chairman or secretary prior to the league start date, any new players must be registered seven days before they can play.

4) Teams may register Super League and County Players but may play only one Super League or County player per team per week.

5) Any team unable to turn up for their fixture must let the opposing captain or landlord know by noon on the day before the fixture at the latest. Any team cancelling the game without prior notice will have three points deducted and the game must be rearranged. Any un-played games at the end of the season will result in the opposing team being awarded nine points.

6) Format of play will be Three Pairs (Double in / Double out) and Six Singles (Straight in / Double out). Both will be 501 and the best of three.

7) The draw for both Pairs and Singles is to be random. Once the draw has been made, the order of play can be changed for league matches but not for Team competitions.

8) Both teams to send results in on the night.

9) All fixtures to be completed before the final night of league matches.

10) Competitions to be held are: Singles, Mixed Pairs, Blind Pairs, Ladies, Landlords / Landladies, Captains and Team Knockout. For the Mixed Pairs competition, players can be from different teams. All competitions are the same format as the league.

11) All competitions are free to enter.


12) All Competition entries are to be in one week before the start of the competition.


13) The draw for each competition will take place at the venue on the night by the nominated steward. The pub holding the competition are responsible for supplying a member of their team to steward the night.


14) Entrants for competitions must arrive at the venue by 8.00pm.


15) The venue for Finals Night will be drawn on May 14th.


16) Highest shot out to be recorded and sent in with result as there will be a trophy awarded on Finals Night for the seasons highest checkout. © 2019 • Privacy Policy • Terms Of Use